Nodar "Nick" Narsavidze
Founder & Managing Partner
Dear Friends!
I am excited to let you know that our company Aquaborne was selected and approved for a crowdfunding opportunity at the Wefunder to raise capital for our project. We are now launching our public-round campaign.

What does this mean for us?
This means that we are now raising money to get to the next level of investors in our specific industry. The minimum investment level currently starts at $100 (USD), but cumulatively, this kind of support will give us access to the next round of funding.

What does this mean for you (risk and return)?
Please note, that if we don't reach our goal in raising $375K, your investment is fully refunded by the Wefunder. However, if we are successful in our efforts to collect enough funds you will become an investor through SAFE-agreement with a discounted price per share.

What will the funds be used for?
The money raised will be used for our production equipment in order to open and operate the first in the US fish skin leather processing facility.

We would also appreciate spreading the word within your network or anyone who'd be interested in supporting our project.
On behalf of Aquaborne, stay safe and healthy.
Sincerely, Nodar
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